The Impossible Journey


As I was reading the editorial notes on Matthew 19:26 this morning, I felt as though I gained greater insight as to what we are attempting to do with Forge.

Living in the possible is where most of God's people live.  If we desire to be part of His great end-time move, then we must leave the possible and live where He is.  As long as we stay in the possible we are Lord.  But, if we are willing to step out, He is Lord of the impossible.  When it is most inconvenient and we are starting to find our comfort zone, God says, "It's time to stretch again". Everyone is called to walk in the impossible.  We can remain distant, safely enclosed in our little world of the possible, or we can step over into the impossible realm, where it is really scary. Cathy Lechner

My Thoughts:

For those that are seeking to know exactly  where we are heading as a Forge HUB (out of our comfort zone), we need to realize that in and through this journey, we are traversing the unknown; and it is uncomfortable. But we are trusting God as we walk into this future, journey, and movement.  To trust God in the uncomfortable, seemingly impossible zone, is to allow God to work through us to accomplish His will in our world.

by Karla Miller, Forge Joplin Resident2013