We offer a collection training resources for churches and faith communities desiring to see their people awaken to the Missio Dei (Mission of God) and equipped to live as missionaries in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and social spaces.

We can facilitate on-site training for church staff, leadership teams, small-groups, and entire congregations.  

Some of our resources include:

Who Do You Say I Am?


A half-day workshop presented by Michael Banes, exploring the identity and person of Jesus. As a missional community, we believe that our understanding of mission centers on the "Sent-One" of God.  We would say that our Christology informs our Missiology - meaning that if we don't get Jesus right, we will never get mission right. This training strips away at our modern images of a domesticated Jesus and re-affirms Him as our radical Messiah King.

PANDEMIC: Infecting Your World With The Gospel


Ever wonder how the 1st Century Church literally spread like a virus and grew from 25,000 disciples in 100AD to 20,000,000 disciples by 310AD?  Or how the Modern Chinese Underground Church has multiplied from 2 million followers to 80 million followers, in just 60 years??  Especially considering that both examples had very few bibles, no professional clergy, no central organization, and no mass meetings?!   We have much to learn from these disciples. This half day-training facilitated by Clarke Cayton, explores the unique dynamics that inspire an infectious gospel-outbreak.


Discipleship. Disciple making. Making disciples. However you name it, it is the core principle to Jesus’ Great Commission, and the means by which the Gospel will be spread to the ends of the earth. But even though the concept of Disciple Making has been gaining more notoriety, the patterns and practices of making and multiplying reproducing disciples are still very much a need in the conversations and actions surrounding discipleship. This "Best-of-the-Best from Verge 2013" will demystify Disciple Making and get to the core of the content, context, culture and process of making and multiplying gospel-centered, reproducing disciples. (We can tailor fit this presentation to your desires - time, content, speakers, ect.)

Missional Essentials: A Guide For Experiencing God's Mission


This small-group study is a response to Jesus' commandment for us to love God with our all in all: "And he answered, 'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.' (Luke 10:27) Each lesson includes components that engage our heart and soul, mind, and strength, as we move forward on the missional quest of loving our neighbors as ourselves.  

We can facilitate a short-term learning community of church staff or small group leaders and empower them to lead on mission; as they then lead others through Missional Essentials.

If you would like to bring any of these great resources to your church or faith community, please contact Forge Joplin!