Forge Joplin is a Training HUB of the Forge America Mission Training Network.

We seek to multiply missional leaders and inspire creative incarnational endeavors that will alert our city to the rule and reign of God, through Christ.

Our Network provides "Real World Training for First World Missionaries."

The leadership of Forge Joplin is made up of a collection of missional practitioners representing various social contexts. Some have been foreign missionaries, others local church leaders. We are moms, dads, teachers, nurses and business professionals.  We all have been wrecked by Jesus and infected by His mission.

We are:

Michael & Cathy Banes

Clarke & Carissa Cayton

Mike & Karolyn Schrage


As a network, we desire to come along-side any church, organization, academic institution, or individual that is awakening to the Missio Dei (Mission of God).  We are not experts with all the answers, we are better defined as pioneers who are familiar with a life of discovery.  Our role is to help others embrace this life and become attune to the wind of the Spirit, wherever it may take them.