PANDEMIC: Infecting Your World With The Gospel (5/11/13) - Past


A Forge Joplin Missional Training Event w/ Clarke Cayton.

PANDEMIC: An epidemic (a sudden outbreak) that becomes very widespread and affects a whole region, a continent, or the world.

Ever wonder how the 1st Century Church literally spread like a virus and grew from 25,000 disciples in 100AD to 20,000,000 disciples by 310AD?  Or how the Modern Chinese Underground Church has multiplied from 2 million followers to 80 million followers, in just 60 years??  Especially considering that both examples had very few bibles, no professional clergy, no central organization, and no mass meetings?!   We have much to learn from these disciples. My earnest prayer is that such a gospel-virus would be unleashed in the United States.  Let the outbreak begin with us!

Saturday, May 11th, 2013 - 9:00am until 12:00pm

 @ LifeChoices - 531 E. 7th St Joplin, MO